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MDAH video for full walkthrough of the platform:

Full playlist: 

Stages, Sessions, Networking, and Expo Booths

  • Reception: This is where the schedule can be found.

  • Main stage: where the keynote and industry speakers will be providing their live lectures.

  • Sessions: where live discussion sessions will occur, and also where social/group-networking rooms where be hosted.

  • The networking area: you will be paired up with another attendee for 1:1 networking.

  • Expo booths: will host the Hopin support/troubleshooting booth, as well as booths for abstract presentation videos with a chat for any questions. Vendor booths will host representatives from our generous sponsors.

Where to Watch Keynote and Industry Presenters

The keynote and industry speakers will be presenting live from the stage. There should be a side bar on the left where you can click “Stage.”

You can ask questions in the chat on the right-hand side. If you are asking a question to the speaker, please make sure to use the Chat function in the Stage and not the Event.

Socialization opportunities

In the sessions area, there will be networking rooms. In these networking rooms, you are able to video conference with up to 5 other people, so you can get to know others in small groups.

For one-on-one networking, the networking room will be open for short video conferencing calls of 3 minutes. A timer will be shown. The call will end once the timer is done. Once you click the “ready” button, the system will pair you up with another attendee who is also ready. After you have met, you will be able to exchange contact information using the “connect” button in the top right corner of the screen.

We are excited to welcome our guests from all around the world! Due to time differences, we will be offering two sets of sessions targeted towards guests in either North American and European time zones (NA/EU), or Asian and Australian time zones (AS/AU). In our schedules, we have designated NA/EU sessions as orange and AS/AU sessions as blue.

This year, MDAH2021 is hosted out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada which is in the Eastern Daylight Time zone on June 1st-3rd.


Similar to last year, we have 6 different topics that we have grouped the abstracts into (below). Most topics will also have 2 panels per topic.

  • Epidemiology and diagnosis (2 panels)

  • Immunology (2 panels)

  • ILT vaccination (1 panel)

  • Marek’s disease vaccination (1 panel, will occur after ILT vaccination)

  • Molecular virology (2 panels) and

  • Pathogenesis and virus-cell interactions (2 panels).

Each panel will have its own booth where all corresponding abstract video presentations will be available to view. All attendees should watch the corresponding video presentations before the live discussion session. The videos will be available on YouTube or in Expo Booths on our platform (opening May 31st).

Asking questions before the event/Chat function

Also in the booth will be a Chat for written questions. We highly encourage you to send any questions you have about presentations into the Chat. It is extremely important to send questions into the chat for discussions you may not be able to attend live. Moderators for each live panel will collect questions from the discussion board and be the voice for those who cannot make the live event.



Live Discussion Sessions

The live discussion sessions will occur in Sessions.

Each topic has its own session room. Panel #2 for each topic will occur in the same session room after Panel #1. All live events will be recorded and posted shortly after for those who cannot attend certain live events. Attendees of the live event are encouraged to ask live questions as well!

If after the live event you still have questions for the presenters, you are welcome to submit the new question into the Chat. If this is the case, please indicate that it is a *new* question. Presenters will be encouraged to check the discussion board after their live event and answer any new questions not answered in the live discussion session.

For our guests from China, 

We have uploaded all videos to Bilibili as well. Please download the PDF to access the links. 


MDAH video for explanation of locations:


MDAH video explanation of socialization opportunities:


For more information on networking areas, please visit:

MDAH video on where to send questions for abstract presenters:

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